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5 Plumbing Must Do's This Fall

5 Plumbing Must Do’s This Fall

(Updated: Mar 12)

With the changing of the leaves we know Fall is well under way. Living in Calgary we know the onset of Fall also hints to the coming snow and freezing temperatures. Rest assured, Harper’s Plumbing wants to help you prepare your home for the upcoming cold season. Below is a quick list of must do plumbing maintenance tips to make sure your home is ready and to make your life just a little bit easier.

1. Store Garden Hoses Somewhere Warm and Dry

As we stop watering our lawns and outdoor plants we need to store our gardening equipment, including our garden hoses. Harsh cold winter temperatures can cause rubber hoses to become brittle and weak. Take a few moments this season to gather all your outside hoses, drain and roll them for storage. We recommend sealing the ends with a small amount of saran wrap and a rubber band to ensure no critters crawl into the hoses during the winter months to make their home inside them. By properly storing your garden hoses over the winter months you will save money in the long run by extending the longevity of your garden hoses.

2. Shut Off All Hose Bibs and Outside Taps

Inside your home you will most likely have a dedicated shut off valve to your outside water sources. We recommend shutting this valve off and then turning on your garden hose faucet to drain any remaining water out of the line. Once the water has come to a trickle, close the tap by shutting off the faucet. As an extra level of precaution, you can install outside water hose bib covers, available for under $10 each and available through most local home improvement retailers.

3. Insulate Pipes As Needed

Sometimes pipes that are still needed during the winter are exposed to the elements. A great example of this is the pipes under mobile homes. The last thing anyone wants during the freezing cold of winter is a burst water pipe. We can work with you to identify these pipes and provide an estimate to insulate them ahead of time so you can rest easy this winter knowing you are prepared.

4. Tankless Hot Water Tank? Schedule Hot Water Tank Maintenance

Many homes in Calgary have started to switch to tankless hot water heating systems. Whether the system is used to heat both your home via in floor heating or simply used to heat the hot water for your faucets throughout your home, the last thing we want to have during a cold Calgary winter is no hot water. Harper’s Plumbing recommends annual tank maintenance for your tankless hot water systems. When you call Harper’s Plumbing we can schedule your annual maintenance for your tank. The tank cleaning process generally takes less than a few hours and can save you headaches in the future by potentially extending the longevity of your hot water heating system. For us, it is similar to a car’s oil change. We wouldn’t skip oil changes for our cars, so why would we skip maintenance on our tankless hot water heaters?

5. Identify Any Leaks Inside Your Home

Look for any signs of water damage underneath sinks, on basement ceilings or behind toilet bowls. If you do find a leak, give Harper’s Plumbing a quick shout and we can schedule an estimate to find out how much the repair will be. In most cases if the leak is caught early the overall repair bill will be significantly less as the water has less time to penetrate surrounding areas and cause damage.

We hope this list of plumbing maintenance items to think of in Calgary proved helpful to you. As always, we are here to chat and help. If you are not sure, just give Harper’s Plumbing a call. Talk soon.

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