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Cautionary Tales of Cartridge Replacements in Faucets and Showers

(Updated: Mar 12)

Today we wanted to take a few moments to tell you a story about a recent customer, let’s call her Jill.

Jill called a Calgary plumbing competitor and asked the company to come and secure her wobbly kitchen faucet. While on site the company offered to quote a few other needed plumbing repairs around Jill’s home.

This is where our story truly begins. After the competitor left Jill called her brother to discuss the days events and review the quote that was left by our competitor. When Jill’s brother heard the quote he wanted to be precautious and asked her to call Harper’s Plumbing for a second opinion as he works in the trades and knows Reece from completed commercial projects.

When Reece came to Jill’s house to asses the plumbing repairs that were needed, he noted several items, including replacing a Moen shower cartridge. When Reece reviewed his finding’s with Jill, he was surprised to learn that our competitor was going to charge Jill over $600 for this task. While charging for labour and materials is a necessary, when replacing Moen faucet and shower cartridges the replacement part is often provided to the plumber through our suppliers free of charge. To replace a cartridge often takes under an hour. Jill was surprised as well and pulled out her handwritten quote from our competitor to double check. And, there it was, replacing a Moen shower cartridge for $600.

Most Moen faucets are backed by Moen’s Lifetime Limited warranty and this is one of the reasons why Moen is one of our preferred brands at Harper’s Plumbing. For more information about your Moen Warranty, please visit their warranty page.

At Harper’s Plumbing we strive to treat our customers like we would in a small town. Where everyone looks out for one another and treats each other like family. We would never charge our friends a 400% plus mark up to install a part, especially when that part is provided to us for free, so why would we do that to our customers?


(Image credit: @claybanks)

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