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Coffee Chats With Your Plumber Hair

Coffee Chats With Your Plumber: Hair

(Updated: Mar 12)

Long beautiful hair. We love it. As the Cowsills famously sang in 1969, “Gimme a head with hair. Long, beautiful hair. Shining, gleaming. Streaming, flaxen, waxen. Give me down to there (hair). Shoulder length or longer (hair)”

Unfortunately, our drains and water pipes in our Calgary homes do not love our hair.

After several Drain-O commercials, many people may have drain stoppers in their shower to catch hair so that it does not clog their drains. Perhaps you are one of these individuals with a drain stopper in your shower and perhaps you are gathering your hair at the end of your shower and flushing it down the toilet. Or maybe you gather the hair out of your brush and flush it down your toilet.

While you may be avoiding one clog and potential problem in your shower drain, you could slowly be creating a bigger problem in your sewage lines.

Toilets are not a good option for disposing of loose hair as the hair can gather with grease deposits in your sewage lines and cause blockages. While it may not be pleasant to talk about, the only things that should be in your residential toilet are pee, poop and toilet paper.

If you do find yourself with a clogged drain or toilet in the Calgary area, Harper’s Plumbing can help! We have a variety of drain clearing equipment and can even examine your drains and sewage lines with our camera system to actually see what is causing the slow or clogged drain. Let’s connect today to find out more about how we can help you.

And for now, let’s just sing…..”Grow it, show it. Long as I can grow it. My hair.

Image Credit: Instagram: @brooklynhunter61

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